5 most frequently asked dental questions pregnancy

1. Why are my gums bleeding?

When you are pregnant, there are many hormonal changes occurring. These changes and fluctuation in hormones trigger inflamed gums, which tend to bleed. Some women can develop a mild form a gum disease or pregnancy gingivitis. This most commonly occurs between the second and eight months of pregnancy.

2. Do I need to floss?

It is important to floss every day, especially whilst pregnant. Flossing everyday helps combat gingivitis and ultimately helps reduce gum inflammation and bleeding

3. My morning sickness is quite bad, will this affect my teeth?

Unfortunately, morning sickness can hit any time of the day. The stomach acid within the vomit can have acidic effects on your teeth. It is important to rinse with or drink water after to prevent the acids from building up on your teeth. To combat the acidity, you can rinse with an alkaline agent. Best practice would be 1 cup of water to 1 tsp of baking soda. It is important to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth.

4. Should I be seeing the dentist though-out my pregnancy?

Yes! At Smile Place Dental we recommend you come in for 6 monthly check-up and cleans. If your gums are very inflamed and there is a lot of plaque build-up, we may suggest 3 monthly cleans.
Let your dentist know that you are pregnant, so the dentist can put off any major dental treatment till after your pregnancy.

5. Does what I eat affect my baby’s teeth?

Your baby’s teeth will begin to develop inside their jaw bone between the third and sixth months of pregnancy. It is important to get plenty of nutrients including vitamin A, C and D, protein, calcium and phosphorus. It is also important to take folic acid each day. Keep drinking water with fluoride to protect your teeth from decay too!