Needle Free Dental

At Smile Place Dental, we offer a needle free dental option for treatments.

Needle Free Dental at Smile Place

Quick and efficient anaesthesia

Contrary to conventional local injection methods, infiltration anaesthesia with INJEX delivers the local anaesthetic submucouslydown to the periosteum. This leads to a more rapid diffusion and resorption and a quicker rise to the effective concentrations. Positioning of the injector on the attached gingiva of a front teeth

Reduced doses are necessary

Sufficient anaesthesia is achieved with comparably low doses. This is especially important with childrenwho have a lower dose limit. The total required amount of local anaesthesia is even further reduced due to the extended effective window and the targeted anaesthetising of the individual tooth. This is especially important with children who have a lower dose limit.

Less numbness after treatment

A shorter duration of soft tissue numbness is observed as a positive side effect, which pleases patients additionally.

Less fear of going to the Dentist

Small children are frequently less willing to cooperate with the dentist. This is where INJEX reduces the stress of administering a local anaesthetic. Eliminates risk of infection at injection site.

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