5 Dental Tips for your child’s new teeth!

1. Don’t put your child to sleep with a bottle

Children’s teeth are not as strong as adult teeth. It is important to minimise the effects of decay. Although milk is a good source of calcium, when milk stays on your child’s teeth overnight, it can cause tooth decay.

Best practice would be to let them have some milk and then rinse with or drink some water afterwards.

2. Water is the best drink for toddlers

Tap water is the best drink for toddlers. The addition of plain cow’s milk is also good for extra nutrients. Tap water contains fluoride and this protects and strengthens teeth from decay. For babies under 12 months old, tap water should be boiled and cooled before drinking

3. Healthy meals and snacks are important for healthy teeth

Children begin to eat solid foods when they are around 6 months old. Babies were not born with a preference for sugary or sweet foods and drinks. They only get used to having these types of foods when they are given them regularly.

A healthy diet should consist of a large variety of food.

If sugary snacks are consumed, your child should rinse with or drink some water to wash away some of the residual sugar that is left onf their teeth.

If this is not done, decay may form.

4.  Start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they begin to appear

Children’s teeth begin to erupt at around 6 months old. It is as this time that you should begin to clean their teeth.

You can clean your baby’s teeth by wiping them with a soft cloth. As they get older, you can begin to use a small extra soft brush with water.

At around the age of 18 months you should use a tiny amount of children’s toothpaste. Make sure your child is able to spit out the toothpaste. If you child cannot spit out toothpaste, stick with a toothbrush and water until they can.

Continue to brush your child’s teeth for them until they are around the age of 7-8. It is also nice of kids if they get to have a turn before you clean them properly.

5. Kids can come and see the dentist at the age of 2

Bring your kids in for their first dental check-up when they are at the age of 2. Generally for a first visit, the dentist will just count their teeth and get them used to the chair.

Having regular check-ups allows the dentist to keep an eye on the development and progression of your child’s teeth. Regular visits make children more comfortable with the idea of seeing a dentist.