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Did you know that your oral health depends on two factors: your willingness to brush and floss regularly and your commitment to seeing your dentist every six months?

If you're seeking a scale and clean service that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further. At Smile Place Dentistry in Melbourne, we understand your concerns and are here to help.

Our professional scale and clean services are designed to address your oral health needs, ensuring your teeth and gums are in the best possible shape.

Trust our skilled dental team to provide thorough cleanings and personalised care, so you can regain confidence in your smile and enjoy optimal dental health.

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Why is Scaling and Polishing Necessary?

Scaling and polishing, also known as a professional scale and clean, is necessary for maintaining optimal oral health. Here are the reasons why it is an essential dental procedure:

Plaque and Tartar Removal: Despite regular brushing and flossing, plaque can accumulate on the teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Over time, plaque hardens and turns into tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing alone. Scaling effectively removes both plaque and tartar, preventing them from causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Gum Health: When tartar builds up along the gumline, it can lead to gum inflammation and infection, known as gingivitis. Scaling removes the bacteria-laden tartar, helping to restore gum health and prevent the progression of gum disease.

Fresher Breath: Plaque and tartar accumulation can contribute to persistent bad breath. By removing these deposits during scaling, the source of the odour-causing bacteria is eliminated, resulting in fresher breath.

Brighter, Whiter Teeth: Stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, or certain foods can accumulate on the teeth, causing discolouration. Polishing, a part of the scaling process, helps remove surface stains, resulting in a brighter and whiter smile.

Overall Oral Health: Scaling and polishing not only improve the appearance of your teeth but also contribute to your overall oral health. By keeping your teeth and gums clean and free of harmful bacteria, you reduce the risk of developing dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Regular scaling and polishing appointments are recommended to maintain optimal oral hygiene and prevent dental issues. At Smile Place Dentistry, our experienced dental professionals provide thorough and gentle scaling and polishing services to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Scale and Clean Procedure: A Crucial Component of Preventive Dental Care

A general scale and clean, also known as a routine dental cleaning or prophylaxis, typically includes the following components:

  1. Plaque and Tartar Removal: The dental professional uses specialised tools to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, including those hard-to-reach areas that regular brushing and flossing may miss. This process, known as scaling, helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  2. Teeth Polishing: After scaling, the teeth are polished using a rotating brush or rubber cup along with a mildly abrasive toothpaste. This helps remove surface stains and leaves the teeth feeling smooth and looking shiny.
  3. Dental Examination: The dentist or dental hygienist will perform a thorough examination of your oral health. This may include checking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental issues. X-rays or other diagnostic tests may be taken if necessary.
  4. Oral Hygiene Instructions: The dental professional will provide personalized oral hygiene instructions tailored to your specific needs. This may include guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques, recommendations for oral care products, and advice on maintaining good oral hygiene at home.
  5. Fluoride Treatment (Optional): Depending on your oral health needs, the dental professional may offer a fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and protect against tooth decay.

It’s important to note that the specific procedures included in a general scale and clean may vary depending on the dental practice and individual patient requirements. Your dental professional will assess your oral health and provide a comprehensive cleaning tailored to your specific needs. Regular general scale and clean appointments are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health and preventing dental problems.


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Dental Hygiene Tips To Maintain Healthy Teeth & Gums

Maintaining good dental hygiene is essential for a healthy smile and overall oral health.

Here are three important dental hygiene tips to keep in mind:

Brushing Techniques: Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gums and gently move it in circular motions, ensuring that you clean all tooth surfaces, including the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces. Remember to brush your tongue as well to remove bacteria and freshen your breath. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if the bristles become frayed.

Flossing Regularly: Flossing is crucial for removing plaque and food particles from between your teeth and along the gumline. Use a piece of dental floss about 18 inches long and gently guide it between your teeth using a back-and-forth motion. Curve the floss around each tooth, making sure to reach below the gumline. Repeat this process for each tooth, using a clean section of floss each time. If you find traditional floss difficult to use, consider alternatives like interdental brushes or water flossers.

Healthy Diet and Limiting Sugary Snacks: Your diet plays a significant role in your oral health. Opt for a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products. Limit sugary and acidic foods and beverages, as they can contribute to tooth decay. If you do indulge in sugary treats, try to consume them during mealtime rather than as snacks throughout the day. Afterward, rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth to minimise the exposure of sugars to your teeth.

By following these dental hygiene tips, you can maintain a clean and healthy mouth, prevent dental problems, and enjoy a confident smile. Don’t forget to schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings to complement your at-home oral care routine. Your dentist and dental hygienist will provide further guidance and address any specific concerns you may have.

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Why Choose Smile Place?

Choosing a dental provider is a significant decision for your health, comfort, and smile aesthetics. At Smile Place Dental, we have solid reasons to be your top choice:

1. Experience and Expertise: Our team of skilled dentists and hygienists have decades of combined experience across all facets of dentistry. Our practitioners are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest research and technology, ensuring you receive cutting-edge treatments that uphold the highest standards of dental care.

2. Comprehensive Dental Care: At Smile Place Dental, we offer a broad range of dental services, from preventive care and routine checkups to advanced procedures like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. This holistic approach means you can trust us to cater to all your dental needs under one roof.

3. Patient-Centered Approach: We understand that every patient is unique, and so are their dental needs. That’s why we create personalized treatment plans that respect your preferences and lifestyle while aiming for optimal oral health and a radiant smile.

4. State-of-the-Art Technology: We invest in advanced dental technology to provide safe, efficient, and comfortable treatment experiences. Whether it’s digital x-rays for lower radiation exposure or intraoral scanners for precise impressions, we leverage the best in dental technology for superior results.

5. Comfortable and Relaxing Environment: Dental anxiety is real, and we take it seriously. Our clinic is designed to evoke a serene and calming ambiance, helping you relax throughout your visit. Our caring staff are trained to provide gentle care, taking the time to explain procedures and answer any questions you might have.

6. Affordability and Transparency: We are committed to delivering quality dental care that’s financially accessible. We offer various payment options, accept most insurance plans, and provide transparent cost estimates before beginning any treatment.

At Smile Place Dental, we make it our mission to ensure that every visit enhances not just your oral health, but also your overall well-being. With us, you will feel heard, cared for, and confident that you’re getting the best dental care. Choose Smile Place Dental – where your smile is our passion.


  • Scale and Clean

What is a professional scale and clean?

A professional scale and clean is a dental procedure performed by a dental hygienist or dentist to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth. It involves thorough cleaning and polishing to help maintain oral health and keep your teeth looking their best.

How often should I have a professional scale and clean?

It is generally recommended to have a professional scale and clean every six months as part of routine dental care. However, the frequency may vary based on your individual oral health needs. Your dentist or dental hygienist will determine the appropriate schedule for you.

Is a professional scale and clean painful?

The procedure is typically painless, although you may experience some minor discomfort or sensitivity during the cleaning process. If you have sensitive teeth, inform your dental professional so they can take appropriate measures to ensure your comfort.

What are the benefits of a professional scale and clean?

A professional scale and clean helps remove plaque, tartar, and surface stains from your teeth, which can improve your oral health, prevent gum disease, and enhance the appearance of your smile. It also allows your dentist to detect and address any potential dental issues early on.

What should I expect during a professional scale and clean appointment?

  1. Examination: The dental hygienist or dentist will start by examining your teeth and gums to assess their overall health.
  2. Scaling: Using specialised dental instruments, the dental professional will carefully remove plaque and tartar buildup from the surfaces of your teeth.
  3. Polishing: After scaling, the dental professional will use a polishing paste and a rotating brush or rubber cup to gently remove surface stains and make your teeth smoother and more resistant to plaque buildup.
  4. Flossing and Fluoride Treatment: The dental professional will floss your teeth to ensure any remaining debris is removed. They may also offer a fluoride treatment to strengthen your tooth enamel and provide added protection against cavities.
  5. Oral Hygiene Instructions: As part of the appointment, the dental professional will provide personalised oral hygiene instructions. They will offer guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as recommend oral care products that suit your needs.
  6. Examination and Recommendation: The dentist may perform a final examination to check for any signs of dental issues. They will discuss their findings with you, provide recommendations for further treatment if necessary, and schedule your next appointment.