5 Tips to know for when you get braces

Getting braces can be exciting for some patients and daunting for others. Here are 5 tips you can follow when you get braces.

1. Orthodontic wax

Your dentist or orthodontist will most likely give you some wax. This can be very helpful during the beginning of your braces journey. Wax can be put on top of your brackets to decrease rubbing on your lips and cheeks.

2. Regular cleans

It is important to get your dentist to clean your teeth every 3-6 months whilst you have your braces on. Braces can trap food and plaque which can make your gums swollen and sore.

3. Soft foods

Soft food for the first couple of days will make eating a little more comfortable. Some food ideas include: Rice, pasta, egg, ice-cream, yoghurt, potato, soups.

4. Super floss

Super floss is a different type of floss that allows you to floss with braces. Flossing is important to reduce inflamed gums and decrease plaque and food debride.

5. Your teeth may feel loose or wobbly

Don’t worry! This is completely normal. Remember, the aim of braces is to move your teeth. It is nothing to worry about, however if you are concerned feel free to call or book an appointment with your provider.