Cosmetic Makeover – Molars with OVC (One Visit Crowns)

This Patient of ours has multiple large restorations and has a heavy bite…. causing lot of wear on his existing fillings and teeth.

Given COVID-19 situation he did not want to invest more than needed to restore his teeth.

After initial consultation and impressions of his existing teeth( no drill or temporary crown)…. we sent off the impressions to our Dental lab (@rhondium).

The Custom crowns are then inserted 2 weeks later after prepping the tooth….All in one appointment!

Made of 73% Zirconia filled hybrid ceramic… they have very good wear resistance and needs less teeth preparation than conventional crowns.

Being more cost effective than conventional crowns…. was just icing on the cake….🤗

OVC (One Visit Dental Crown)

🧭Purpose- Aesthetics and improved form and function

🙌🏽Results- Immediate

✍🏽Note- Individual results may vary*

📲Phone- 90481026



⌚️Time required- One visit procedure, following consult and Impression of existing teeth, 2 weeks apart.

🔋Sustainability- Good wear resistance as has 73% Zirconia infused hybrid ceramics.

😰Pain level- Minimal as performed under local anesthetic

💸Average cost- $750- $900, per tooth

📆Initial consultation- $50- $100.

To find out more information, please call us on (03) 9048 1026.