Smile Makeover!

Smile makeover is a process of enhancing your smile, through series of dental procedures.

This can vary from –

1. Simple General dental procedures like

  • Scale and polish- to remove stains like coffee, tea, smoking and red wine.
  • Replace existing stained composite, and or metal filling,

2. Cosmetic procedures like

  • Take home and In chair – Zoom whitening options to brighten your smile.
  • Cosmetic bonding( Composite veneers) to enhance shape, size and color of teeth and close gaps,
  • Porcelain Veneers and Crowns
  • Implant crowns, Bridge and Partial dentures to replace missing teeth.

3. Orthodontic treatment like

  • Invisalign, Smile styler, Clear correct( No braces or clear aligner options )
  • Fastbraces ( Fixed braces options) available in
    -combination( upper clear, lower metal) -or all metal bracket options.

At smile Place dental we can customize an individual treatment plan,
with insurance codes, costs and number of visits, so as to best suit your needs, and budget.

Dr.Chitra Rao is our Principal Dentist/ Cosmetic Dentist.

She along with her twin sister Dr.Arathy Rao own and operate across the three Smile Place dental practices ( Forest hill, Glen Iris, Tecoma)

They both have over 10 years experience in General dentistry and Dr.Chitra Rao has been practicing Orthodontics since 2014.

She is a Senior master affiliate in Fastbraces and has successfully completed over 100 cases.

Smile make over is Dr.Chitra Rao’s speciality. She has helped many people, of all ages achieve a beautiful smile, that they are confident to show off!

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to see more of all the Smile makeovers we have done over the years, and stories of People behind the Smile….?