Cosmetic Bonding!

Cosmetic procedure wherein a Composite (Filling material) is layered onto prepped tooth and light cured, to set.

Multiple shades of Composites are used to match the color of natural teeth by mimicking color variation and light reflection, so as to blend with existing teeth color.

Bonding can be used to

  • Restore simple chipped or decayed tooth, -Enhance shape and size of teeth,example- peg lateral
  • Improve color, and or even out discoloration on front teeth,
  • Close gaps, example- midline diastema.

Purpose– Improved aesthetics and function

Results– Immediate

Time required– Completed in one visit, with final polishing after a week.

Sustainability– Susceptible to staining and chipping and may need regular polishing, but easy to repair.

Pain level– Minimal as performed under local anesthetic

Average cost– $250- $350 per tooth

Initial consultation– $50- $100.

Dr.Chitra Rao is our Principal Dentist/ Cosmetic Dentist.

She along with her twin sister Dr.Arathy Rao own and operate across the three Smile Place dental practices ( Forest hill, Glen Iris, Tecoma)

They both have over 10 years experience in General dentistry and Dr.Chitra Rao has been practicing Orthodontics since 2014.

She is a Senior master affiliate in Fastbraces and has successfully completed over 100 cases.

Smile make over is Dr.Chitra Rao’s speciality. She has helped many people, of all ages achieve a beautiful smile, that they are confident to show off!

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