Is Chewing Gum Bad For Your Teeth?

Chewing gum can be both good and bad for your teeth, it all depends on what type of gum you chew. Learn all about the impact chewing gum could have on your teeth and the best type of gum to chew.


Chewing gum can be both good and bad for your teeth, it all depends on what type of gum you chew.

Sugar free gum that is approved by dentists can be incredibly good for your overall oral health. Chewing sugar free gum stimulates the production of saliva. This is beneficial because saliva contains minerals which neutralize the acids in plaque which feed bacteria. Other advantages to chewing gum may include:

  • reducing stress
  • freshen your breath
  • boosting memory
  • fighting drowsiness
  • help with nausea

However, regular sugary gum can be harmful to your teeth. The sweetener in the gum will feed bacteria in your mouth which can lead to cavities and dental erosion. Other risks of regular chewing may include:

  • Headaches
  • Tooth deformities
  • Risk of TMJ disorders


Chewing gum can cause a headache because you are using so many muscles in your face and jaw. Using them repeatedly for an extended period will lead to the muscles becoming fatigued. Some artificial sweeteners can also cause you to feel dizzy or experience headaches. Some chewers, especially young people, chew gum as a way of dealing with stress. This leads to chewing harder and faster which further exacerbates the problem and can lead to a tension headache.

Tooth Deformities

Chewing gum regularly can lead to excessive wear on tooth enamel and can even lead to change in your bite alignment. If left unchecked, these changes could lead to the need for orthodontic care. Additionally, if the enamel is allowed to gradually wear down, your teeth may become sensitive to hot or cold, or even acidic foods.

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is where the jawbone attaches to your skull. While chewing gum does not cause TMJ disorders, it can put you at greater risk of developing one. If gum is chewed habitually, you may notice muscle fatigue in the TMJ joint which can lead to a disorder.

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