No Mouthguard No Play! Get Protected this Season

Is your child playing a sport this season? Are you playing a sport this season? Make sure your mouth and your child’s mouth are protected from stray balls and other hazards with a properly fitted mouthguard.

custom mouth guard

Why do you or your child need a mouthguard?

There’s nothing like a hit to the mouth to ruin a game of footy. But you can make sure a bloody mouth or a chipped tooth doesn’t put a dent in the fun this season by ensuring all those precious teeth and gums are protected. Here at Smile Place dental, our highly trained dentists can provide you with a properly fitting mouthguard that will not only protect your mouth, or the mouth of your child, but it will also feel much more comfortable than something you’ve bought from a shop and tried to shape yourself. After all, kids in particular often choose not to wear their mouthguards because DIY ones are so uncomfortable.

What you need to do

Once you’ve decided to get a mouthguard just make an appoint for a dental checkup. One of our experienced and gentle dentists will then check your or your child’s teeth and help you choose the best mouthguard for your or your child’s needs. We’ll then fit it for you and ensure it feels comfortable and offers maximum protection.

Other perks

Why should you chose Smile Place dental? Well, we’re not your average dental practice. Each of our three convenient locations in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs is staffed with dentists who are fully qualified to perform needle-free dentistry. Doesn’t that sound nice? We also offer the full range of standard dental services such as dental checkups and cosmetic dentistry. And if you’ve neglected to wear a mouthguard in the past, you might find the later is something you’re very interested in!

Don’t delay

So don’t delay and book an appointment with us today. One of our friendly receptionists will be happy to book a time that suits you via phone or you can pop online to view our available appointments and make a booking. And remember, no mouthguard, no play!