Smile Makeover- Cosmetic Bonding on retained deciduous ( Baby tooth) canine!

This Patient came in for consult to improve her Smile, as was concerned about her retained baby tooth that was discolored and shorter than rest of her Adult teeth.

After discussing options between extraction of baby tooth and Fastbraces and/or restoring existing baby tooth…. we decided with Cosmetic Bonding…..

Very pleased with this result achieved with 5 shades of composites, blended to match existing teeth…..🤗

Cosmetic Bonding

🧭Purpose- Improved aesthetics and function

🙌🏽Results- Immediate

✍🏽Note- Individual results may vary, best performed by experienced Dentist

📲Phone- 90481026



⌚️Time required- Completed in one visit, with final polishing after a week.

🔋Sustainability- Susceptible to staining and chipping and may need regular polishing, but easy to repair.

😰Pain level- Minimal as performed under local anesthetic

💸Average cost- $250- $350 per tooth

📆Initial consultation- $50- $100.

To find out more information, please call us on (03) 9048 1026.